Adam Christodoulou and John Edwards score top honours at Lime Rock

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In only their fourth race, SpeedSource’s Adam Christodoulou and John Edwards scored top honours in the Rolex GT Seris at Lime Rock. The Mazda development driver graduates led a 1-2-3-4 finish for the RX-8s in another convincing performance for the Japanese brand.

A strategic pit call put the No. 07 Corvette in the early lead, but Christodoulou took over the point on lap 39. From that point on, Christodoulou and Edwards were unstoppable. While the No. 30 Mazda also briefly led thanks to quick pit work by his Racers Edge crew, the No. 68 SpeedSource machine was the car to beat all race.

“I think the last ten minutes were probably the longest ten minutes of my life!” Edwards said. “They were certainly the longest since my last race last year that I had to go through the same thing with pressure from behind and trying to stay ahead and not make any mistakes.”

The pair of open-wheel turned sports car drivers shined thanks in part to their brand-new SpeedSource-built Mazda. Only finishing building the car days before heading to Lime Rock, the new RX-8, which replaced the older-spec machine borrowed from Jack Smith owner of Yellow Dragon Racing, completed its first laps on track this morning, just hours before taking it to victory.

“I’m just thrilled, the heat today was unbelievable. but apart from that, it’s been an awsome day, the car handled beautifully, It didn’t have any faults to it. The SpeedSource team put it together in the last month, and the first test we had was this morning. First, second and third today for Mazda on the podium – you can’t beat that,” smiled Adam Christodoulou.

While Edwards and Christodoulou didn’t have the seat time nor car developments of their teammates in the opening three races, it all came together today.

“Every time we hop in the car, I know we learn something,” Christodoulou said. “Just from the experience of those three races in the older spec car its helped hugely, without the other car, we would have been on the side watching the start of the GRAND-AM series. I know the race experience and the development of the car have brought it all together.”

Edwards added: “There’s no one change they made to the new car. There’s an endless list of very small changes that have made a difference to the car. That’s just part of development and part of Mazda learning of what works with the car and what works with the tires. Every time SpeedSource makes a new car, it’s the best car they built because they learn as they go. That showed here today with the very first day of the car and we came in P1.”
It marked the fourth victory in five races for SpeedSource entries, which has placed all three of its cars at the top of the podium this season.

“Every one of the SpeedSource cars has won a race this year, and that speeds volumes for the effort we put in at the shop,” said team owner Tremblay. “The No. 68 was a brand-new car – today was the first time it’s been on the track – and it’s a credit to the Mazda ladder program to give us two young drivers with this kind of talent.”

There’s no rest for Rolex Series competitors, as the Six Hours of The Glen is up next on June 5.